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Fees and payment - Chile

Passport fees - Chile*

As at August 2022
Fees are in Chilean Pesos (CLP)

  Ordinary Passport Emergency Passport

Adult Passport
(over 18 yrs old)

CLP $271.000 CLP $117.000

Adult Passport
(from 16 to 18 yrs old)

CLP $228.000 CLP $117.000

Child Passport
(under 16 yrs old)

CLP $135.000 CLP $117.000
Senior Passport
(over 75 yrs old)
CLP $178.000 CLP $117.000

About the passport fees

* If you would like your passport to be posted, there is an additional cost of CLP $3.000

^ If you’re 75 or over, you can opt for a five-year passport

The application fee is non-refundable if travel document is not issued

Fees include an Overseas Surcharge fee.

Notarial service fees - Chile

As at 1 April 2022
Fees are in Chilean Pesos (CLP)

Administering Oath or Declaration

CLP $46.000


CLP $46.000


CLP $53.000

Certificate of no impediment to Marriage

CLP $93.000

Certify a copy of a document

CLP $46.000

Effecting service of a document

CLP $46.000

Prepare declaration/document

CLP $46.000

Sign and/or affix seal to document

CLP $46.000

Transferring funds through official account

CLP $46.000

Transmit document via official channels

CLP $46.000

Witnessing execution of a will

CLP $46.000

Witnessing signature and/or seal

CLP $46.000


Payment methods

The following payment options are accepted:

  • Credit/Debit card - preferred method
  • Cash - will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances (e.g. there is no other payment option for the applicant). The embassy does not hold cash on the premises, so the exact amount must be paid if using cash.



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