Embajada de Australia

Servicios Notariales

We are able to perform the following notarial services  in person and by appointment only:

  • Administering Oath or Declaration

  • Apostille*

  • Authentication*

  • Certificate of no impediment to Marriage

  • Certify a copy of a document

  • Effecting service of a document e.g. Centrelink Proof of Life Certificates

  • Prepare declaration/document

  • Sign and/or affix seal to document

  • Transferring funds through official account

  • Transmit document via official channels

  • Witnessing execution of a will

  • Witnessing signature and/or seal


To book an appointment, email [email protected]


Please see:


*Authentications and Apostilles

As of 31 August 2016, all Australian public documents (i.e. birth certificates, marriage certificates, university degrees, court documents, etc.) to be presented in Chile MUST comply with the official Apostille process. 

Private documents (i.e. affidavits, bank records, driver licence renewals, etc.) will continue to be witnessed/legalised/certified in accordance to the Australian Notarial Act 2005.