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Because of COVID-19 I overstayed my tourist visa, what do I do?

Under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, the Australian Embassy cannot advocate in migration and visa issues of other countries on behalf of its citizens.  Valid visa remains the responsibility of individual citizens, even in current world-wide circumstances brought on by the pandemic.

  • Chile: You can apply for a visa extension only once. You may have to pay the overstay fee if you would be staying longer. Advice provided by the Chilean Migration Department to foreign Embassies in Chile and the Chilean Migration Department’s FAQ does not indicate possibility of fee waivers, which may be considered on individual merits. You may also be eligible to apply for a Temporary Visa, which allows staying one year and performing any legal activity, or a Permit to Work as Tourist (subject to work contract).
  • Ecuador: The Ecuadorian Government informed that from 12 December 2020, tourists overstaying their visas will had 30 days either to leave the country without paying a fine, or to apply for a temporary visa instead.  To reserve an appointment for residence visa renewals and other services in Quito email: [email protected].  For more information: call +593 (2) 3993 200 ext. 23007 and 23015 or +593 (2) 3933 520.

How do I have access to information and resources to Australia’s social services (i.e. pension, health, child support)?

  • Services Australia is the institution responsible to provide social services for Australians and legal residents. Information for individuals is accessible here (the Spanish version here). There is a “Contact us” page in their website.
    • For your pension-related queries/requirements, please engage directly with Centrelink.
    • For health-related topics, you need to contact Medicare.
    • If you need something related to child support payments, engage Child Support.

Returning to Australia

Q. I lost the proof of my first visa or tourist card and cannot leave Chile, what do I do?

A. A copy can be requested via the PDI Virtual portal, select and complete the Duplicado de Tarjeta de Turismo option.